Air Freight

Just in time clearance, booking and delivery of your cargoes whether of export/import. You can prefer on Experts Logistic Services W.L.L. to provide you with the most comprehensive and expedited services to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Door to Door Services

    from your door to your consignee’s doorstep, will expedite your shipment with care. We’ll arrange everything from pick up to loading to customs clearing and delivery to your consignee.

  • Door to Airport

    We will collect your shipments and deliver to any customs airport worldwide. We will notify consignee upon arrival at the local destination airport and provide arrival notice to the consignee

  • Airport to Airport

    The shipper brings all goods directly to our warehouse and we transport the shipment to any customs airport for worldwide move. We notify local consignee at destination city and provide with a proof-of-arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination port.